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Corrugated Cardboard Custom Made Boxes

Custom made boxes are widely used for the transportation of bulky goods for various purposes. This container and packaging is suitable for any logistics task. Most often, pallet boxes are made of multi layer corrugated cardboard (5 or more layers). This corrugated board allows pallet boxes to be stacked without fear of damage to the cargo.

Shipping Custom Boxes

A simple Shipping Boxes are easily adapted and completed for a Shipping Boxes process or for a specific cargo, taking into account its dimensions, weight and other important characteristics and properties.
Shipping Custom boxes remain popular in all industries, transportation, logistics and retail. Among the variety of options, there is always an optimal one for any cargo.

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cosmetic Boxes

Custom Boxes for Cosmetics products. We made it out of coated cardboard. This material is lightweight and relatively durable. It keeps its shape well, so you don’t have to worry about the product, because the box will perfectly protect it during transportation.

On the outside of the custom boxes, we applied the customer’s logo and product information by screen printing in two colors. To protect the drawing from scratches, and the box from creases, experts covered it with a layer of matte lamination.

Food & Beverages Boxes

Custom boxes are often used as transport containers for various food products. They are four-valve designs of various sizes. The products are lightweight, durable and reliable. With their help, most often transported:

Display Boxes

PVC transparent plastic folding custom boxes Custom display plastic transparent boxes

Print options
-Offset printing
– Foil stamping
-Other printing special effects

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