In order to provide quality Box Manufacturing/ Custom box at low prices and facilitate online ordering our company, Box4you have been founded. Our company has simplified its processes to reduce setup costs. Small business benefits from us because of low installation costs. Usually, short-term print orders are very expensive because of setup costs, but at we have very low setup costs for our customers.


  • Quality Individual boxes at a low price.
  • Support for small businesses by reducing set-up costs over short periods.
  • Excellent customer support is the largest Custom box printing company in Canada, and we produce boxes from scratch to finish the house. Each process of our printing is automatic and self-contained. We have 6 Heidelberg color machines. We have simplified our processes so that we can successfully reduce installation costs, which is very beneficial for small businesses. Professional printing is very short for print runs due to the huge installation costs and is not available for SOHO.

Box4you is a Custom box production company built on the principles of open organizations of the future, on the basis of mutual understanding, openness, and joy. Our Custom Box, Kraft Box, Food Packaging Box, Custom Printed Box, Box manufacturing production is organized on the basis of “5S” technologies and lean production principles.


The name of our company is based on the philosophy of long-term relationships. We serve our customers so that they come back to us and view us as a printing source for each print job. Box4you builds strong relationships with our customers during and after the order process. We wanted our customers to call us their printer for box printing and other print jobs. Box4you have worked very hard over the last 3 years to achieve this Status. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who come back to us every time they need a print job. We fully believe in customer service and building relationships with our customers. Our clients are our assets, and we do everything we can to make them happy. We appoint personal service representatives for each of our corporate clients who understand every requirement of their assigned client that makes them happy!