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Why Cardboard Food Packaging Box is Better Decision for Restaurants and How this Packaging Container is Environment Friendly in Toronto.

Today, the production of cardboard food packaging box has become a serious business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for restaurants and other businesses. Any manufacturing company that sets itself serious tasks cannot do without attractive and practical Food packaging containers for their products.

The average consumer is more likely to choose an eye-catching product with a bright and sophisticated design than a plain-looking product. In addition to the aesthetic component, cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly. Which is very important for food products that use disposable food packaging boxes.

Isolation of bacteria from Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Paper and board packaging play an important role in food safety and quality. Common bacteria in food packaging can grow due to special conditions. Including humidity, temperature, and primary food, to contaminate food. “This study aimed to investigate the number and types of bacteria in paperboard for food packaging.”

The cardboard samples were randomly collected from popular pastry shops and fast-food restaurants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bio beard board used for taking away food containers showed a high degree of contamination over the standard acceptable level.

What is a food packaging box?

Food products belong to a particular product group. Such products must be packed in containers with some specific parameters. The most important of which is environmental friendliness. The main task of the packaging is to preserve the commercial quality of the product and assist in its early implementation.

This raw material is biodegradable. So the growth of microorganisms can occur anywhere in the papermaking process. The suspension itself may contain a microorganism before starting the process. The organism can still be dispersed in the final product. Health organizations in several countries have established the microbial content of paperboard in custom food boxes. These organizations have also quantified specific microbes in one gram. However, there is still no strict global attention to the biohazards. That can arise from microbial contamination in the cardboard food packaging box.

cardboard food packaging box
Food packaging container

So, for example, the production of packaging for tea implies creating a beautiful and practical box. That will preserve the integrity of its contents during transportation. And draw the buyer’s attention to this particular product.  People most often choose those that have a more pleasant shell or have beautiful printing on its packaging.

Printed cardboard packaging is an essential step in food production. Therefore, to improve the quality of products during the production of the cardboard food packaging box. Precautions are:

  • Equipment
  • Employees’ hands
  • Air

Must undergo the microbial examination. The best way is to create a critical control point for hazard analysis in the paperboard manufacturing and product packaging times. Little research has been done on microbial contamination of paper and board. There are no clear criteria for microbiological purity and packaging conditions.

For which products is food container being relevant? 

Cardboard boxes are so widespread that today it is difficult to find a product that is not packed in food packaging. Inside boxes, you can store ready-made meals (pizza, fast food, seafood, etc.). Semi-finished products, cereals, sugar, tea, cereals, etc. Depending on what kind of product will be packed in a box. There are several packaging cardboard products. 

cardboard food packaging box
Pizza Food Packaging Box

This study aimed to determine the bioburden. And contaminated bacteria in the current food packaging board. Cardboard packaging for food products, including

  1. Pizza
  2. Fried chicken
  3. Biscuits
  4. Burger
  5. Sandwich
  6. French fries
  7. Donut packaging

Total bacteria count per centimeter of the sample using the flood method

The smear method did not detect any noticeable contamination in the test samples. The results are approximately the same using distilled water and Ringer’s solution, as it is not significantly different.

  • Deep-frozen products (resistant to temperature and humidity changes)
  • Semi-finished products (with water-repellent properties)
  • Pizza and other ready-made meals (with water-repellent properties, but less durable), etc.

Food packaging boxes production

Only high-quality cardboard is used in the production of the cardboard food packaging box. It can be either more expensive or more economical (recycled). Correct for all kinds of cereals, sweets, etc. This method will provide invaluable assistance in increasing the attractiveness of boxes’ appearance for all types of confectionery products, i.e., fast-food, cakes, pastries, etc.

cardboard food packaging box
cardboard food packaging box

Environmental safety is an essential requirement. For food packaging production from cardboard, materials are selected that do not emit harmful and odorous substances and do not affect the taste, smell, and other qualities of the product. This issue lies entirely in the area of ​​responsibility of the packaging supplier. That is why we take a responsible approach to the choice of materials.
The durability of cardboard packaging for consumer products affects its safety during storage, transportation, and sale. It also affects its visual appeal. Additionally, the front surface is wholly or partially varnished during the production process.

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