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How to Print an image on a Custom Box?

In this article on the Custom box in Canada method of applying an image to cardboard boxes. Other products made of paper, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard, we considered the general provisions of this technological operation. Now let’s investigate a little deeper into this topic and consider flexography in more detail – from the point of view of the components of this technology.

Making Custom Box in Canada

Custom Box in Canada making starts with design development. It is the appearance of the boxes with the logo that determines the material to be used for manufacturing. To make your boxes with the logo truly quality and original – contact our designers. They will carry out a layout taking into account all your wishes, will develop a design of a box. And will help to define a manufacturing method.

custom box canada
Custom made box

Manufacturing of boxes can be made of coated, binding, or micro corrugated cardboard. Liners with the image are printed on thin matt or glossy cardboard, paper, or various design materials. Then they are laminated or slimmed. The result – you get durable, durable, and very attractive boxes with the logo, designed for a variety of purposes.

The image on the boxes can be full color or made in one or two colors. From printing methods applied:

Process of making a Custom box in Canada using Flexoclich

As you already know, the method of flexography of cardboard boxes is impossible without the use of special photopolymer forms or flexocliche. In addition, in order for the image to appear on the custom box package, special equipment is required to carry out this entire process. Well, and, of course, you cannot do without paint or several paints if the image is supposed to be multi-colored.

Printing Process

The direct printing process of cardboard boxes with printing occurs in a combination of these three components, and can also be carried out using a worker or controller, in a semi-autonomous mode with partial control of a worker or several workers, or it can take place in a completely autonomous mode. It depends on the type of equipment with which the printing process is carried out, but more on that later, but for now let’s return directly to the printing process.

custom box canada
Flexographic machine

Any specialist knows that flexo printing is a direct printing method in which a form covered with paint transfers the image directly to the surface of the custom box in Canada. Therefore, the final quality of printing on the custom box in Canada depends on the quality of manufacturing flexocliche and on handling it both in the process of work and outside of it or another packaging.

The embossed printing plate used in the flexographic printing process is made of pressed rubber or photopolymer material. In the production of flexo plates, analog and digital methods can be used. As a rule, the main production material is polyurethane. In this case, the relief of the cliche completely repeats the image in the sketch, however, in a mirror image. These raised areas print the image and therefore protrude from the rest of the forming surface.

Flexo Printing Machine for manufacturing custom box in Canada

Any flexo printing machine necessarily has special rollers for transferring ink to packaging. The simplest (method of such printing is a set of sequential technological operations. First, ink from a special container or several containers (for multicolor printing) is fed to the first shaft. Then from the first shaft, it goes to the second shaft, which rotates in contact with by the first shaft, and then from the second shaft, it gets to the flexocliche. Which is attached to a special drum, and it, in turn, rotates synchronously with the first two shafts. And at the last stage, paint with flexocliche is applied to the product to be painted and sent to a special compartment for drying. And then we get ready-made cardboard boxes with one-color printing (or multi-color).

custom box canada
Custom made box


It is important to note that in many cases fast drying paint is used. And therefore a few seconds are enough for the product for the paint to completely dry on it. In this case, no additional drying time is required.
Any flexo printing machine, as you already understood, must have at least two anilox rolls. Which are used to transfer ink to the convex parts of the flexocliche? In turn, the anilox rolls have cells that transfer a certain amount of ink onto the mold, which is adjusted during the setup of the unit and depending on the complexity of the operation. The number of cells per linear centimeter of the roller can vary depending on the type of printed matter and the required quality.

Anilox Ink

The name “anilox” is borrowed from the name of the ink that was used in this process until the 1950s. Anilox ink was made from aniline dyes, which were later discovered in the 1950s to be hazardous to health. The roller that carries ink is still called aniline, even though aniline inks are no longer used in the flexo printing process.
Types of flexo printing machines custom made boxes
The second important component of printing an image on a custom box in Canada using flexography is the availability of special equipment that will start the whole process. Such units are called flexo printing machines, or flexo machines.

Flexo printing machines are rotary units and can be of three main types:

  • Tiered printing machines
  • Sectional printing machines
  • Printing machines of the planetary type

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