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Custom Boxes offering by box4you

Manufacturing of Cardboard Boxes for Multi-Purposes

Looking for cardboard boxes? Box4you will help with this. We make original packaging and branded labels. Cardboard boxes and paper packaging is the most common and affordable way of external protection and product design.

Attracted by the low price of the material, the practicality and ease of making structures from it. The edges of the Corrugated cardboard box create a classic strength structure, it reliably protects the goods from physical influences and destructive weather factors. The sides of the boxes are a great advertising space. Today, cardboard boxes have a dual function of promoting a product and protecting them externally.

We make not only cardboard boxes, but also shipping containers. Order cardboard boxes from us. You will receive reliable, durable, colourfully designed products.

Additional services

  • printing on boxes
  • stickers
  • embossing
  • silkscreen
  • design paper instead of cardboard
  • stamping
  • thermal rise

It is profitable to order cardboard boxes at the Central Printing House of the city of Moscow. Here you will find a wide range of products for various purposes. The use of cardboard packaging covers many product categories. These are souvenir and gift products, piece, unique products and much more. We make custom boxes of different sizes and shapes. The capabilities of the printing house allow you to apply images, drawings, inscriptions to the surface of the cardboard by offset and other printing methods.

Cardboard compares favourably with artificial materials.  The production process for making cardboard boxes is simple, does not require high energy costs. 

You can buy cardboard boxes of the following types from us:

  1. Packing from ordinary cardboard. Used to place candy, baked goods, medicine, perfume, consumer electronics, clothing, and children’s toys. Polymer films are often a complement to design, they improve protection and give the package a dramatic look.
  2. Micro-corrugated cardboard boxes. This is a material of a multilayer structure, it is obtained after processing the cardboard with a laminating machine. The packaging from it looks attractive, practical and, despite its small thickness, has sufficient strength.
  3. Exclusive design boxes. This is for gifts, souvenirs, keepsakes. A colourful image, logo, inscription can be printed on the surface. 

Cardboard Boxes Following Tasks:

  • Maximum safety of goods;
  • Ease of use by buyers;
  • Ease of transportation, placement and storage;
  • Preservation of a presentation during transportation.

In production, we equally pay attention to the functionality, practicality of the product and its external design, aesthetic component. The boxes produced by Central Printing House are a harmonious combination of beauty and quality.

Choice of Custom box design

The printing house offers a choice of ready-made templates and sets of stamps (more than 1000 copies in total). It is likely that among them you will find the option you need. You can use the customer’s layout or develop a completely new design of the box, our specialists are always ready to help with this.

The market today makes increased demands on the design of packaging used for advertising purposes. The design and design of the box must correspond at the same time to the functional and advertising component.

In such a case, all the details are important: the type of cardboard and its technical characteristics, the choice of the printing method and inks, the method of post-printing, etc.

Experienced typography artists are real masters in developing memorable packaging designs, their extensive experience in creating promotional items guarantees the promotion of your product on the market.

Procedure to Design Cardboard Boxes

The whole process includes several stages:

  • Design development;
  • Making a layout;
  • Product manufacturing, finishing, printing.
Rectangle Customized box
Custom Boxes offering by box4you

Work order

In the beginning, the task is clear. What the box is intended for, and in what area it is planned to use it. A technical task is being drawn up.

The next stage is the development of the project with the designation of the basic dimensional data. At the same time, a design concept is outlined, it is coordinated with the customer.

Assembling the box

If the box carries advertising information, drawing, inscription, logo, then lamination is done. This is a sticker on cardboard of paper or other material with a pre-applied image. Further, special grooves are pressed in at the folds (creasing), perforation is made at the joints. The assembled product is stapled or glued.

Custom Packaging
Custom Boxes offering by box4you

The most popular are three printing methods:

  • Offset printing, wide range of colours, speed, excellent quality, work with any type of paper;
  • Screen printing.

The post-printing processing includes the operations of lamination, cold and hot stamping, reinforcement with foil. Order boxes at the Central Printing House of Moscow. It is customary to work conscientiously here. 

To order the manufacture of cardboard boxes, you request our quote.

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