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Why Paper Packaging Box is so Important?

The Paper packaging box is an important part of the product. This is because the birth of the Paper packaging box is not only due to the fact that it can guarantee the safety of the product during transport, but its development value is also reflected in helping the retailer to improve the quality of the product. it has a very high position in the entire consumer market.

Importance of Paper Packaging Box

Why is the paper packaging box so important? It communicates with consumers in a silent language, just like the appearance of a person. To understand a person, you first have to know their appearance. If the appearance does not attract the attention of the other party, the other party certainly has no interest in understanding it. Therefore, the packaging box can promote both success and failure. Packaging without obviousness makes consumers wipe away.

Paper Packaging Box Design

Packaging box design Factors include differences in age, gender, occupation, national culture and social environment of consumer terminals, which make consumer needs for packaging different, so the design style of packaging boxes cannot be determined.

Rectangle Customized box
Custom Boxes offering by box4you

Box4you is a company that designs and manufactures Custom Packaging Boxes. There are professional designers who can help companies to create the same variety of design styles on product packaging according to the psychological diversity of consumers. According to the new changes in the market and the requirements of different users, top & amp; top packaging can continuously adapt to the requirements of modern consumers on the packaging and strive to improve the transport safety of products, add value to the product and increase the sales rate. Therefore, it is very popular with retailers! If you want a tailor-made packaging box, it is important to choose the manufacturer of the packaging box!

Protruding paper

Letterpress paper is made from bleached, stalked fibre pulp. The surface can be size-free or micro-sized. It is the main paper for letterpress printing of books and magazines. Letterpress paper is divided into four classes: No. 1, no. Two, no. 3 and no. 4. the number represents the quality of the paper. The larger the number, the worse the quality of the paper. Weight: 50 ~ 80 g / l. Flat and roll paper, as well as letterpress paper in special formats, are available.

White Cardboard Box

A white card contains two kinds of single-sided and double-sided paper. There are two types: grey and white background. It’s strong initial properties and isn’t easy to interrupt when folded. The main purpose is for high-end packaging box, hardcover spine and promotional cards and elevators. The burden ranges from 220 to 400 g / l.

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