Bowl Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Bowl sleeves are easy to assemble and provides a convenient packaging solution to bowls. These sleeves are available in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements. They are more durable and act as a perfect protector for glass items during shipping. They are also used in food and beverage items.



The bowl sleeve packaging boxes are one of the most suitable and ideal accessories for packing bowls, dishes, glass and other fragile objects that need extra protection against damage, especially during transport.

Custom-made bowl sleeves packaging boxes are easy to install. The top and bottom cover plates of the shell sleeves provide ideal protection for fragile items packed in them from the top and bottom damage, while the side plates provide effective support for the product to ensure a perfect fit in place and also provide protection from the sides.


If you are a manufacturer of products from a variety of industries such as decoration, electronics, technology, cosmetics, retail finished goods and many other food products, the perfect Box4You Bowl Sleeve is your best packaging solution with packaging boxes. When you order from us in large quantities, you will receive free products such as shipping, cutting marks and printing press equipment.

What is it suitable for?

The oblong shape implies vertical storage close to the square – in any plane. It is convenient if the product can not be put flat or collect in one pile many packages.
Well suited for packaging boxes confectionery products – sweets, cookies, waffle cakes, New Year’s gifts. In the industrial sector – for electronic gadgets and accessories, toys, souvenirs, cosmetic sets.

Additional features of a lightweight and sufficiently reliable custom boxes cardboard are brand advertising. Products that encourage the purchase of positive slogans, holiday symbols, increasing demand on the eve of calendar celebrations.

The company “Box4you” will help to implement any ideas.  Box4You offers the most competitive wholesale prices. Using the highest quality materials and the most accurate print designs. Box4you is helping the whole seller by meeting their needs to develop long term business. Shortage or excess creativity is not a problem. No additional costs for printing plates or punching equipment. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. Short-term high returns are not our way of doing business. Choose your own custom boxes cardboard and place your order for packaging in Canada, the US with our shipment facility. Our team works for the result!


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