Cube Shaped Carrier

The perfect Custom Cube Shaped Carrier packaging from The Custom Boxes ensures the most versatile and spacious packaging along with attractive and beautiful customizations to suit your brand or products efficiently. These boxes are customizable in their materials, available in cardstock, cardboard, paperboard or the eco-friendly Kraft paper; these offer the highest durability and non-bendable outer layer for your medium to large products.



The plastic handle that is easily carried on these cube-shaped boxes makes them ideal for food packaging, shipping box, gift wrapping, retail and CD or DVD storage while keeping your products safe and promoting them to your potential customers through efficient printing. Get free shipping, free printing and cutting equipment and bulk orders.

Precise Die-cut shapes and sizes with beautiful customization

Custom Boxes, which has served the packaging industry for shipping box, is equipped with one of the most advanced high-tech printing and cutting equipment, which not only provides the perfect shapes and sizes for your custom cube-shaped carrier boxes but also some unique and versatile customization options in printing and surface treatment. Choose from our printing, embossing, or gold/silver foil embossing and also choose attractive surface finishes such as high gloss, UV dotted or coarse matt for the shipping box.

Package delivery with Shipping Box

Box4You manufactures our six corner boxes with the highest quality side lock so that they can be delivered flat with machine-curved edges and lines. Which are easy to assemble in the right position and make their transport or storage much more compact and realistic. Our efficient business channels also offer the lowest wholesale prices for the shipping box, ensuring maximum profit for our customers. Improving their business objectives, and helping them stand out in the long run. You won’t find better value for money for customizable food packaging boxes anywhere else.


If you need one of the most attractive yet protective cube-shaped shipping box for many of your different products. Including CDs or DVDs for wholesale, finished products, gifts or many dry goods for retail, Box4you is your best choice. We do not compromise on the quality of our packaging shipping box while offering the lowest wholesale price. If you order from us in large quantities, we do not charge printing plates, stamps or shipping costs.

The company “Box4you” will help to implement any ideas. Shortage or excess creativity is not a problem. Choose your own custom boxes cardboard and place your order for packaging in Canada, the US with our shipment facility. Our team works for the result!



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