Tuck End Auto Bottom

Tuck End Auto bottom boxes are pre-glued and can be folded down in to flat shape. Can be used for heavy items and shipping purpose. Easy to assemble boxes with a bottom lock with tucked in flap provides more durability.




Custom Tuck End Auto Bottom

These Custom boxes are manufactured with a pre-glued structure. The base of these packaging boxes with automatic bottom bending can be easily and conveniently formed into the flat shape. Once the benefits of the flatform are effectively utilized, they can be transformed into their structural shape after the box has been stretched. They offer a very convenient and reliable packaging solution.

The machinable part of these Custom boxes can consist of the coast or friction locks to provide effective and reliable security measures after the crates are tightly filled. This type of packaging box is considered ideal for packing heavy items such as equipment and transportation. Its robust structure provides additional security for the products packed inside.

The unfolding of Custom boxes with an automatic bottom looks like this: the central part of four planes (two narrow and wide, or all the same), an upper closing valve, and two small end ones, the lower figured parts are combined into a simple lock.

Why does the box need three-point gluing, if the bottom is assembled automatically:

  • For imparting rigidity, capable of retaining shape;
  • In order to avoid accidental opening and loss of content;
  • For strength, when there is quite a significant weight inside;
  • To expand the functionality and capabilities of packaging.

What is it suitable for?

The oblong shape implies vertical storage close to the square – in any plane. It is convenient if the product can not be put flat or collect in one pile many packages.
Boxes with three-point gluing for packing of the frozen half-finished products – dumplings, cutlets are actively used. Well suited for packing confectionery products – sweets, cookies, waffle cakes, New Year’s gifts. In the industrial sector – for electronic gadgets and accessories, toys, souvenirs, cosmetic sets.

Additional features of a lightweight and sufficiently reliable boxes are brand advertising or products that encourage the purchase of positive slogans, holiday symbols, increasing demand on the eve of calendar celebrations. All this and much more can be applied to the package.

The company “Box4you” will help to implement any ideas. Shortage or excess creativity is not a problem, the exact vision is welcomed, doubts are eliminated by the selection of variants. Our team works for the result!

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