Side Lock Six Corner

One of the more secure and safe Packaging solutions for many different types of products is the Side Lock Six Corner Boxes. These have regular four sides when finished that can be altered in measurements to form rectangles or squares out of them, but they get their six corner name from the locking mechanism that forms six locking cuts on the two bigger sides.



Sidelock, Six Corners

Box4You masters these ideal packaging solutions for many baked goods such as pizza, pastries, or any other type of customizable food packaging, but also for fashionable or retail products. Benefit from our lowest wholesale prices with free shipping in the USA and no additional costs for printing plates or die cutters for bulk orders.

Different sizes for different product types

Products from different industries come in a variety of sizes and formats. Customizable food packaging in specially configured side locks with six corner boxes is one of Box4You’s main requirements for all our customers.  Deeper boxes with smaller sides are ideal for food products. Such as baked goods, hot or cold cakes, and many other customizable food packaging products such as various fashion industry products with thicker materials on top, while smaller boxes with much wider and larger sides are ideal for flatter food products such as pizza or some other cosmetic products. We meet all requirements with quality.

Thematic printing for specific products or brands

Almost all products of any classification require perfect packaging with the right design, colors, and themes to match their attractiveness. Box4U has the most experienced printing specialists and high-tech equipment. To provide the perfect print theme, exact colors, and matching templates or patterns that can be matched to specific product types. If you have a food requirement, we can supply customizable food packaging with the perfect brand and theme to suit your needs. And our efficient printing processes are also suitable for all other types of products.


Box4You ensures that you use some of the highest quality materials from the wide range of materials we offer. Including cardboard, kraft paper, or corrugated board. Which is processed on the highest quality machines to ensure the strongest and most durable finish. Our finished materials are not only durable but also have a beautiful surface that works perfectly, so your customizable food packaging product will feel much better. You can choose materials of any thickness without worrying that they will be rough or not at all suitable for your quality brand or products.

Package delivery and the most attractive wholesale trade

Box4You manufactures our six corner boxes with the highest quality side lock so that they can be delivered flat with machine-curved edges and lines. Which are easy to assemble in the right position and make their transport or storage much more compact and realistic. Our efficient business channels also offer the lowest wholesale prices, ensuring maximum profit for our customers. Improving their business objectives, and helping them stand out in the long run. You won’t find better value for money for customizable food packaging boxes anywhere else.


For all manufacturers of products from various industries. Box4You offers the most competitive wholesale prices for single hexagonal boxes with side lock. Using the highest quality materials and the most accurate print designs. Box4you is helping the whole seller by meeting their needs to develop long term business. Our excellent wholesale prices also include free shipping within the U.S. And no additional costs for printing plates or punching equipment. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. Short-term high returns are not our way of doing business.



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