Double Wall Tray

These have double layered walls that give them their characteristic strength and durability along with the fine finishes and attractive colors and Printed designs that make your products that much attractive while they sit on supermarket or retail store shelves. We also provide fast and free USA wide delivery on bulk orders along with no additional costs for the cutting die equipment or the printing plates as well.



True to their name, Box4You‘s double-walled packaging boxes for wholesale custom boxes are among the most reliable and protective options for your sensitive products, ready for retail sale. Our packaging solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs.


Box4You offers our clients many options when it comes to choosing the ideal materials for their engraved double-walled tray boxes. Depending on the protection or customization you need, cardboard, kraft paper, or even the strongest and most protective corrugated material can serve their purpose well. Whatever material you choose, we offer you the highest quality solutions that not only protect your sensitive products from any improper handling but also provide the longest life span, while giving them a new shine and surface.


Our best cut boxes have curved lines that are easiest to bend into their original position. And the small folding wings and joints make it easy to assemble them when needed. But they are also much more compact to store and take up much less space than pre-assembled boxes.

Reliable printing and luxurious finish

Box4You uses the most advanced printing equipment for wholesale custom boxes. Our printing specialists guarantee the most reliable printing design for your double-walled boxes. Which will keep their smoothness at the highest level for a long time. We also use the highest quality ink to print the most eye-catching colors. And the most attractive print patterns or designs to make your products as popular as possible on the shelves, which will also increase your sales. We offer free printing assistance to help you get the best design for your boxes. Or you can tell us how you want your boxes printed – the choice is yours!

The cheapest wholesale sale and maximum ease of use

In decades of cooperation with the packaging industry. Box4You has developed some of the most efficient channels for finding, producing, and delivering boxes in its business. This helps us to keep unit prices to a minimum, allowing us to offer our customers the lowest wholesale custom boxes prices. While keeping the quality of our products at the highest level. No matter how fragile or expensive your products may be. We can offer you the most suitable packaging solutions that are most beneficial to your products and your brand. The effective logos and brand and product names we print on your boxes also offer excellent advertising opportunities.



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