Eyeshadow Boxes

Eye Shadows are a product of great interest among women of all ages and genres. Their packaging serves a great deal to enhance their beauty and aura. Customized EyeShadow Boxes bring in an element of elegance and extra glamour to this product of intrigue. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customized with various options. Special window panes can be added in the box to let the buyers have a look at the actual product inside.


Box4You.ca offers attractive customization’s for eyeshadow boxes. You can have them printed in desired shapes, sizes and colors. Make your boxes worth noticing with catchy images and color themes.

Mesmeric eyeshadow boxes not only package the custom shadow boxes palettes but also make them more appealing for the potential buyers. There are small , medium and large eyeshadow boxes depending upon the type of eye shades. Designing a striking eyeshadow box requires professional expertise. Box4You.ca is a distinguished printing press that has been catering to the packaging needs of multitude of businesses across the globe. The dedication to deliver superior quality services has earned us commendation from thousands of satisfied clients.

Entrancing Printing : Our state of the art digital and offset printing presses with the expertise in latest techniques ensure premium printing products. Despite providing lowest market rates we have never compromised on excellence.

Perfect and Punctual: Box4You.ca takes into account customer’s preferences. Our production team makes sure that all the orders are printed before deadlines. On time shipment is our valued priority.

Free traveling : As established firmly that Box4You.ca rejoices in facilitating its customers to the maximum limits,  then why burden them by charging for what we deliver to them.  Your packaging products are delivered to you absolutely free of cost right at your doorstep all over USA and Canada. For our clients living outside these regions, our shipping rates are the minimum in market. However, this offer of free shipping is valid on standard orders only, if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for 6 or more days for your product, we have expedited delivery option which gets your product in your hands within six business days. Even our expedite shipping charges are much less than the usual offerings in the market.

Looking for a flashy eyeshadow box to package your eye makeup range? Box4You.ca has numerous exciting options for you. Our Free Designing Services can be availed to have several templates’ design preferences for  eyeshadow boxes without any setup charges. Brief your specs to our accomplished graphics team and they’ll provide you dazzling artwork preferences.

The significance of finest materials and inks cannot be undermined; therefore we make use of best stocks and inks.

Go Green: It is a know fact that our planet is in a horrible state at the moment. Toxic land waste has imposed hazardous health issues to human beings and the pollution brewed through the wear and tear of the wasted materials has literally shredded the ozone layer into its most pathetic state. Box4You.ca believes that all possible efforts should be made for the conservation of land wastes and even the smallest steps should be taken strongly to prevent further deterioration of the current circumstances. For this reason we recommend and promote “eco-friendly” packaging strongly to our clients. Our eco friendly packaging products establish and strengthen the fact that quality and finesse in packaging “can” be achieved without necessarily utilising hazardous materials in your packaging production.

Talk and Tell: We believe in customer satisfaction. Our 24/7 online chat facility has trained professionals to address your queries regarding custom eyeshadow boxes. Print incredibly with Box4You.ca

Powdered and creamy eyeshadows displayed in terrific packaging boxes create an entrancing effect on the onlookers. Leading cosmetic brands use eyeshadow boxes to introduce their new range. The logo, net weight, product label and other basic details are printed on the boxes to enhance brand credibility. Material used in the manufacturing of custom eyeshadow  boxes can be amended to favored shapes and sizes. Having windows and sleeves in the boxes highlights the visual aspects of a product. Apart from presentation, boxes for eyeshadows shield them from getting scratched or broken. Various eyeshadow ranges are packaged in spectacular boxes that serve as an insignia of the product.

Splendid artworks on the eyeshadow boxes complement the product encased inside. Glossy boxes with lively color schemes and fascinating images tempt the consumers into checking out an item. Cosmetic packaging plays a phenomenal role in altering the buying decisions of the customers; this is reason every brand strives hard to gratify the aesthetics of their customers by providing them the most exceptional packaging designs.

Give your eyeshadow boxes a unique touch by making use of artistic template designs. Have your logo blended with eye catchy motifs and glitzy color combinations. Eyeshadow duos boxes should be funky if the colors are loud. For soothing pinks, greens and blues you can have a box with elegant artwork. For party eye makeup the eyeshadow boxes can be customized according to the color palette. Get your exclusive eyeshade range noticed with superb custom eyeshadow boxes!


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