Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes are considered to be the most users friendly as well as eco friendly boxes among the numerous packaging items. These boxes by nature are brown in color but with the help of high tech printing technology, they can be printed in several other colors as well. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. Due to the usual usage of recycled material in the making of these boxes they are very popular among people who are conscious about the green environment.

Description offers interesting customization for the Kraft boxes. You can have these boxes printed in designated shapes and sizes. The basic color of Kraft boxes is brown but with the aid of bleaching process they can be printed in various colors. We are aware of the significance of sturdy materials and quality inks for packaging boxes printing; therefore makes use of finest stocks, inks and provide brown Kraft boxes.

Kraft boxes are gaining popularity because of their biodegradability. The packaging boxes made from Kraft paper are laudable for their durability and handiness. Designing a quality Kraft paper box requires professional expertise. is a premium printing company that has been catering to the packaging needs of thousands of individuals and businesses across the globe. The commitment to deliver the superb services has earned us an eminent identity in the niche.

High-tech Printing: is preferred because of its high-tech digital and offset printing. Despite providing affordable market rates we have never compromised on quality.

Fastest Turnaround Time: We make sure that all the printing jobs are completed within the time frames defined by our valued customers. On time delivery is our top priority.

Free Shipment: We offer free shipping services all over US and Canada.

Looking for a unique Kraft box for packaging your products? has numerous beguiling options for you. Our Free Designing Services allow you to have several templates’ design choices for your Kraft boxes. Brief your specs to our accomplished graphics team and they’ll provide you exciting artwork preferences without setup and die cut cost.

Eco-friendly Printing: We use 100% recyclable materials in printing packaging boxes.

Customer care center: believes in facilitating its clients in every possible way. Our 24/7 customer care center has skilled Call Sales Representatives to address your queries regarding custom Kraft boxes. Print perfectly with

Most of the enterprises are utilizing recyclable boxes to minimize packaging land waste. Kraft boxes are the most eco-friendly boxes. Kraft paper box material which is obtained from pine wood pulp is used in the manufacture of different sorts of Kraft boxes. These boxes are remarkable for their strength and permanence. The most popular categories of Kraft boxes include food, cosmetic, soap, gift and jewelry ones. Enticing customizations are available in the market to make them flamboyant and appealing. Because of the flexibility of Kraft paper, boxes can be modified to distinctive shapes and sizes. Lettering’s and images can also be printed to make them noteworthy.

The cost efficiency and strength of Kraft boxes encourage the retailers to utilize them for product storage. Dry food items are packaged in custom Kraft boxes because of their superior quality to withstand heat, moisture and shock. Short cakes, brownies and tarts are made more tantalizing with fabulous Kraft boxes having ribbons, buttons and bows on them. For a variety of gift items boxes with striking textures are a perfect option. Cosmetics and soap Kraft boxes are classy. They are ideal for wrapping aromatic and handmade items. Jewelry craft boxes are elegant and protect the shiny rings, bracelets and necklaces from fading away.

If you have just started off a business and packaging your goods is proving a puzzling endeavor; Kraft boxes is the best preference. They can be created in bulk quantity spending a lesser amount. Being biodegradable you can store many products in them without worrying about quality. For delivering items over long distances these boxes are very effectual. Breakable items can also be wrapped in them, because of their competence to resist abrasion. Be creative and embellish your custom Kraft pillow boxes with paper flowers and glittery laces.



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