Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end boxes contains tuck end closures are both ends. Can be used for variety of products. Simple to assemble and are much more time saving. Die cut window is possible on the front for the product visibility, The boxes can be produced with customized sizes as per request.



Custom Straight Tuck End Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes in Canada with a straight tuck end, the curved end is ideal for packaging products that require a simple display panel with a relatively large window area. The folds that close at the back, the thin edges at both ends, are transferred and concealed.

The standard straight creasing also avoids and reduces the proximity of an obstacle between the window panel and the creasing. Which can occur when the back creasing is applied to the carton. Such packaging boxes in Canada can be assembled either by hand or with the help of packing equipment. They are easy to assemble and save time. They are also suitable for packing heavier objects and can be helped in a number of individual shapes and sizes.

What is it suitable for?

The oblong shape implies vertical storage close to the square – in any plane. It is convenient if the product can not be put flat or collect in one pile many packages.
Boxes with three-point gluing for packing of the frozen half-finished products – dumplings, cutlets are actively used. Well suited for packing confectionery products – sweets, cookies, waffle cakes, New Year’s gifts. In the industrial sector – for electronic gadgets and accessories, toys, souvenirs, cosmetic sets.

Additional features of a lightweight and sufficiently reliable boxes are brand advertising or products that encourage the purchase of positive slogans, holiday symbols, increasing demand on the eve of calendar celebrations. All this and much more can be applied to the package.

The company “Box4you” will help to implement any ideas. Shortage or excess creativity is not a problem, the exact vision is welcomed, doubts are eliminated by the selection of variants. Choose your own design and place your order for packaging boxes in Canada, the US with our shipment facility. Our team works for the result!

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