Seal End Auto Bottom

Providing auto lock bottom on one side and tuck end flaps on other side. More secured and easy to assemble. Can be used for multiple items and for heavy weight products. They can be folded down in to a flat shape and restored when stretched.




Seal end auto bottom packaging boxes are manufactured with an automatic bottom that takes up its original position and structure once the box is stretched into its shape after being shipped out flat. These type of packaging boxes are shipped out in a flat shape from the suppliers to the consumers. The top of these boxes has tuck end flaps that are equipped with double sided sealing adhesives that ensure premium sealing and security once the boxes are filled up with the specific product that they are supposed to carry within them.

Seal end auto bottom packaging boxes promise efficient product security and therefor they are considered to be ideal for the packaging of heavy items since they demand and require their packaging to be without the risk of getting split open or damaged due to their weight.


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