Six Pk Bottle Carrier

The Six PK Bottle Carrier packaging is your perfect solution for carrying around bottled beverages like sodas, beers, wine bottles or milk, etc. The Custom Boxes offers highest quality carrier packaging that is delivered in compact folded form making shipping and storing much easier. We use high-quality durable materials and attractive accurate printed designs for your carrier boxes along with many different surface finish options.



Six PK Bottle Carrier

The layer of stock materials between your bottles or at their bottom, not only holds them in place but protects them from impact against each other. Avail free shipping, free printing and free cutting on large wholesale orders as well.

Precise Cut Bottle Holders and Durable Customized Materials:

When it comes to the perfect combination of precise cut bottle holders and shapes along with perfectly customized durable materials, Box4You delivers top results. We have high tech printing equipment that allows many different printed design customizations including embossing, debossing, raised ink printing, gold/silver foiling or multi-color text printing along with very reliable cutting die equipment that cuts your bottle holders in just he sizes finished them in a precise premium look. The materials we use for our Six PK Bottle Carrier packaging is some of the most durable, able to handle all the weight of six filled bottles with ease.


If you are a retail store/supermarket or a bottled beverage manufacturer and top quality carrier packaging with durable materials, attractive designs and many different surface finish options including high gloss, rough matte or spot UV are what you are looking for, you are at the right place. Box4You also boost your business growth through our free bulk order add-ons like free shipping, free printing, and free cutting die equipment as well.


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