Tea Boxes

Manufacturers of tea are well aware of the increasing competition among the products of the same kind. Therefore they use all types of gadgets to increase their product’s popularity and consumption. Custom style Tea Boxes are very helpful in this regard. The style and appeal of these boxes are a source of great attraction for the audience. These boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and can be printed with as many style variations as required.


Box4You.ca offers startling customization for tea boxes. You can have them printed in favored shapes, sizes and colors. Give a classic touch to your custom tea boxes with catchy images and captions.

These boxes are used for packaging and showcasing variety of tea flavors. The freshness of the tea and tea bags retains because of the material of the boxes. Designing a quality of the box requires professional expertise. Box4You.ca is an eminent printing company that has been catering to the packaging requirements of multitude of businesses across the board. The dedication to deliver the best has earned us commendation from thousands of satisfied customers. Our services include:

Impeccable Printing: Box4You.ca is preferred because of its superior quality digital and offset printing. Despite providing lowest market rates we have never compromised on excellence.

Fastest Turnaround Time: We value customer satisfaction. On time printing and shipment are our priorities.

Free Shipping Services: Our free shipping services for packaging boxes are available all over US and Canada.

Looking for a compelling tea box to endorse your product? Box4You.ca has numerous exciting options for you. Avail our Free Designing Services to have several templates’ design choices for the tea boxes without die and setup cost. Our accomplished graphics team will provide you invigorating artwork preferences.

We are aware of the sturdiness of materials and quality of inks for packaging boxes’ printing; therefore finest stocks and inks are utilized.

Eco-friendly Printing: Box4You.ca is putting its share in saving the eco system by making use of 100% biodegradable substances.

Customer care service: We believe in customer retention. Our online chat facility is available around the clock to address your queries regarding tea boxes’ printing. Feel free to contact us at anytime. Experience unrivaled printing with Box4You.ca

These boxes are one of the most widely consumed packaging boxes all over the world. The different kinds and flavors of tea are made available to the consumers in custom tea boxes. Every tea brand tries to excel from its competitors in providing its target audience the handiest and most attractive tea packaging. The material used in the manufacture of tea boxes is flexible enough to be crafted in desired shapes, sizes and colors. The logo, brands’ name, net weight and other details are printed on the boxes to enhance customer loyalty. Aluminum foils are usually used inside the boxes to protect the tea from getting tampered by external factors. Compartments, windows and clasps in the tea boxes aid the consumers to open up and store the tea with lesser effort.

Tea manufacturing companies are spending huge amounts on packaging as there are thousands of tea flavors available in the market these days and the way you present your product is likely to affect the buying decision of the target market. We all are familiar with black tea, green tea, white tea, flavored tea and organic tea boxes. Black, white and green tea boxes usually have classy color schemes and images. Flavored tea boxes with refreshing themes and flashy colors tempt the caffeine lovers in to checking out each and every flavor. Organic tea boxes have the nutritional facts and benefits of unprocessed tea stated on them.

Give your tea boxes an enlivening touch with delightful natural images and soothing color schemes. Depending upon the kind or flavor of the tea, packaging box can be customized. You can have distinctive shaped tea boxes to get your product noticed. Simple yet cool motifs grasp the attention of the onlookers so you can make use of stencil work for custom tea boxes.


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