Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap Lock

For all the technology, cosmetics, and prepared foods products that would prefer not to be exposed to any dust at all in their packaging boxes, the perfect Tuck with Below Dust Flap Lock packaging from The Custom Boxes provides the best solution. These have a customary dust flap within the lid covering the products efficiently keeping them away from all the dust that might enter through the opening.



These high-quality box packaging, which is made of stiff, high-quality materials and is suitable for attractive and beautiful print design, can be custom made according to the material or surface finish. Our large wholesale offer also includes free shipping, free printing and cutting equipment.

The design and sizes of the cutting boxes can be customized in a unique way

Box4You has become the most reliable box packaging supplier over the last decades. And our high quality die cutters ensure high quality, precise box packaging designs and take care of every little detail. You can customize your box packaging in all required dimensions and sizes with a variety of surface finishes such as gloss, coarse matt and UV dotted options. Many different print settings are also available. Embossing, gold/silver foil or multi-colour printing of brand and product logos can make your products. Fly off the shelves while increasing your profits.

Different sizes for different product types

Products from different industries come in a variety of sizes and formats. Deeper boxes with smaller sides are ideal for food products. Such as baked goods, hot or cold cakes, and many other customizable box packaging products such as various fashion industry products with thicker materials on top, while smaller boxes with much wider and larger sides are ideal for flatter food products such as pizza or some other cosmetic products. We meet all requirements with quality.

Package delivery and the most attractive wholesale trade

Box4You manufactures our six corner boxes with the highest quality side lock so that they can be delivered flat with machine-curved edges and lines. Which are easy to assemble in the right position and make their transport or storage much more compact and realistic. Our efficient business channels also offer the lowest wholesale prices, ensuring maximum profit for our customers. Improving their business objectives, and helping them stand out in the long run. You won’t find better value for money for customizable food packaging boxes anywhere else.

Why Box4you?

If you are a manufacturer or retailer specializing in many different products including technology, cosmetics, finished products and other types of products that match our cheapest wholesale dustbin boxes, we will provide you with the highest quality features along with many other wholesale orders. These include free shipping, free printing plates and free punching equipment.



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