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Corrugated Cardboard Products

  • We manufacture all kinds of corrugated cardboard and products made of it.
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Corrugated cardboard and our products can without exaggeration be called the most common and demanded means of packaging. Its unique qualities and variety of containers made of this material allow its use in almost all spheres of human activity. We value our reputation and are always ready to advise our customers about our products.

Properties and characteristics

Structure: Several alternating layers – flat (liner) and corrugated (flutter) – are distinguished depending on their number:

  • Two-layer – has one layer of each type, most often serves as an insert or gasket, or to wrap fragile goods.
  • Three layers are used to make boxes and crates.
  • Five-layer is suitable for corrugated packaging for dimensional or heavy products.
  • Seven-layer is not only suitable for packaging, but even in construction. It is the strongest of all corrugated board types.

The scope of application is wide and diverse: in trade – in the packaging and sale of goods, in delivery (courier or postal), as well as in everyday life, it is convenient to transport, and in it to store products. It is difficult to find a place where you do not meet this modest and practical packaging.

Basic properties

  • Lightness (has low weight), plasticity and ease of use;
  • Environmentally friendly – raw materials are taken safely (primary – pulp or secondary – waste paper), can be recycled and easily disposed of, it is very important to prevent pollution of the surrounding area;
  • Durability and high level of protection for the goods and cargo in such containers, as it protects against impact, compression, damage, moisture, and other influences;
  • Excellent quality of raw materials, respectively, and the products themselves, meeting all standards and norms.
  • Low price is also one of the main advantages, as affordable packaging saves money on goods.

Micro corrugated cardboard 

The material used to manufacture packaging with a lower than usual corrugation height – up to 1.8 mm. It is not so strong, but more delicate and aesthetic, so it is good for packaging small size, fragile items, dishes, souvenirs, cosmetics, perfumes, medicines.

Corrugated box

One of the most universal and affordable corrugated cardboard products, in it you can fold any kind of goods. By design and size distinguish a huge number of different boxes. Everything depends only on your needs and desire.  Its cost-effectiveness, due to the peculiarities of production, the introduction of modern technology, and cheap raw materials, make such packaging profitable and indispensable.

The corrugator is also a type of packaging products, it is strong, light, practical, is an excellent protection of products, drinks, dishes, appliances, household chemicals from mechanical and other types of influences. It is convenient to use it as an additional advertisement for your product or it can be artistically designed, as it is easy to apply any information by flexographic printing.

Pizza Food Packaging boxes

Special corrugated packaging of special design, used in almost all pizzerias, cafes. It keeps the integrity of the product and even the temperature for a certain time. Environmentally friendly, absolutely safe for health packaging at an affordable price, in a standard form or on request.